UV Lamp


Gulff Pro UV Flashlight, 365nm / 3W
– for versatile daily use.
– 3W powerfull, high quality UV LED chip.
– 365nm wavelenght.
– Gulff resin curing time is few seconds.
– 1 year quarantee for flashlight.
– package incl. flashlight, USB charger and 18650 rechargeable battery.

Ambulance Fluo


This hot and sexy glowing uv resin series is designed for strike points. Colors are also perfect for winter fishing use. Resin covers 100%. Resin contain high fluorescense and phosphorus ingredients. Hot spots glow under UV light and in the dark.
15 ml

• Always tack-free finishing.
• Cures in few seconds (5-7 seconds).
• Manufacturing base on G2 high quality resin materials.

Viscosity and size


FATMAN is design mostly for bigger flies.

 It is perfect for pike fly heads. Compared to classic it’s more thick so you got more time to work on shape of head etc. 

15ml    50 ml

CLASSIC  is the most universal UV resin. 

You can use it to finish the fly or to make quills stronger.

15 ml     50 ml

THINMAN resin, it's almost like a varnish. 

Thin but not too thin viscosity for beautiful finishing. It does not cover or fill fly detail. It highlights the detail.