you need somewhere to show off your new flies


The choice of fly boxes is endless, so we decided to get these kinds for their versatility and sturdiness.
Our new silicones Fly box models are waterproof .
Double-time injection technology  is used to make this box. So the rubber seal and the box is one-body together. By doing this, we ensure a total tightness.

Why silicone?

The most accurate reason is long life.
The silicone do not have memory, is humidity resistant and not spongy like the foam.
The memory for a fly box is present when you put a fly for the firs time at one spot in your box , you can fish with it an the fly is back , no problemo.
with a foam compartment, when you
put your fly back in the box , the foam collapse and mark the spot , after few years of intense use, the foam can be limited.

Size matters

Small flies goes in small boxes, 

you need somewhere to put your new flies



capacity 74 flies

130*95*15 mm



121 flies
185*100*16 mm