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Fly tying beads are part of the basic set up for any fly tyer. They are made from brass or tungsten and are used as the heads of nymphe, streamer, and subaquatic flies.
A lot of new patterns are now made with different colours and density. The tungsten is around 2 times more heavy than the brass.


Round Beads

Classic shape known as round beads.

OFF Beads

This new tungsten bead with its offset hole allows the tying of multiple kinds of underwater fly patterns with all types of hooks (regular or jigs).
This shape allows you to build the body of the fly on top of the shank.

Slotted Beads

This shape is designed to pair with jig hooks.

Tungsten OR Brass

the tungsten is  heavier than brass.
It's very important to have different weights for the same fly in your fly box.
For light nymphs or shallow water use the brass.
For deep pools or fast currents use the tungsten.

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Tungsten "round beads"


Available in Black, Gold, Chartreuse
Size : #3, #3.5, #4

tungsten "OFF beads"


Available in Black
Size: #3.3, #3.8

Tungsten "slotted"



Brass "round fluo"


Available in pink, orange, chartreuse, yellow, glow.
size: #3.2, #4, #4.8, #5.5

Brass "round metal"


available in blue, purple, red, orange, rainbow
size: #3.2, #4, #4.8, #5.5